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Big New Look at Risks of Cryptocurrency Exchanges

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Over the past couple of years, earnings with blockchain technology have been on the rise. Today, new generation represents a revolutionary idea of the safe work with an unlimited number of cryptocurrency exchanges on one platform. There is a probable risk of investing in crypto traders.


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The nowadays trends that related to earning on cryptocurrencies, reaches a big international audience all over the world. Crypto industry is developing rapidly, attracting many entrepreneurs and a large number of intellectual resources.

People creating new technical solutions and startups, and through ICO – initial coin placement, based on Bitcoin’s encryption technology and encryption algorithms.

Cryptocurrency is a fairly new type of assets, the technology of the blockchain, which lies at its core, has already shown its effectiveness and has had an impact on many areas of activity. Just in 2017, more than three hundred million dollars were invested.

Investments in bitcoin remain quite risky because of its volatility and unpredictability. Both new ups and dizzying falls are possible. Predicting the timing of both is impossible. Experts emphasize that buying crypto-currencies is a private matter for every investor since both huge profits and serious losses are possible. People who are interested in this area need to carefully study the assets in which they plan to invest.

The system of exchanges has already been formed on the cryptocurrency market, and users got used to trusting their money to large platforms with a good reputation.


Today you can find old platforms for copy trading. Among them – Etoro, Zulutrade or TraderGlobal, that are not suitable for the cryptocurrency market. Investors are forced to choose only those traders who trade only on Etoro, which is 0.1% of all crypto traders. Many exchanges collapse, the owner of a crypto-currency project can theoretically take the money and disappear. These platforms do not provide complete security for users. Moreover, ICO projects collect excessive amounts of money, which are several times higher than the actually required budgets for the development of software products.

Of course, investors, who have exposure, and do not get rid of their assets during periods of short-term decline in demand for Bitcoin, receive good dividends. In comparison with investments in traditional currencies, investment in bitcoin gives a greater chance to stay in the win, which is explained by its unique property – the cost of Bitcoin is determined by the desire of people to pay for its certain money.

The crypto industry is developing, and the security of investing in crypto traders still has some risk. The risks of investing in the Bitcoin cryptocurrency are primarily related to the characteristics of Bitcoin.

Despite the fact that today this cryptocurrency is decentralized, gradually bitcoin will increase the desire for centralization. Due to the fact that the exchanges where bitcoin is sold and bought are beginning to influence this cryptocurrency. In addition, the very “mining” of bitcoins is gradually concentrated in the hands of a fairly narrow circle of people – owners of the latest technology, which makes it possible to extract new bitcoins. More and more people of average prosperity prefer not to be ruined by expensive equipment for getting bitcoins, but to “get” cheaper crypto-currencies and exchange them for bitcoins already. This trend leads to the creation of some “bottlenose mining centers”, which in itself threatens the decentralization of this cryptocurrency.

Another risk related to the fact that all operations with this cryptocurrency are open. Therefore, many people can see how much bitcoins have been bought, and in case of purchasing a large number of bitcoins, cases of manipulating the price of crypto-currency are quite frequent. Finally, the anonymity of transactions using bitcoins in itself creates certain risks associated, first of all, with the risk of money laundering and the lack of state control over the turnover of bitcoins.

On the one hand, because of the growing popularity of investments in crypto-currencies, many novice investors lose their money due to lack of experience. And the largest investors in the crypto industry are investing their money in funds and management companies, because they need information support, summary data, strategies based on the preliminary market analysis. On the other hand, there are many professional traders, who have experience of a successful trade.

Thus, two audiences need to be connected through a technological bridge that will help pass the knowledge of successful trade on to purchasers in exchange for certain payment in the form of commission to experienced traders.

There is a need for a universal platform that works with different exchanges and lets you copy the transactions regardless of whether the investor’s and trader’s accounts are on the same exchange.

For example, Vesa is an innovation that set a new direction for another format of a copytrading. This platform implemented the idea that reduces the risk of copy trading on one platform and does not require large investments to attract users (they continue working on their exchanges). The main advantage that it’s opening up new possibilities for safe working with an unlimited number of crypto exchanges.

Millions of users of exchanges will be able to start copying transactions in a few clicks, working on their account at the exchange. It will be possible to copy transactions with any crypto-currencies. There is no similar project with such functionality on the market now.

There are projects that copy transactions in the stock market within their platforms. They also allow you to work in crypto-currencies, but in their very limited number. Inter-exchange copying of trades is an innovation that allows work with professional traders from different countries in their portfolio. Moreover, this revolutionary idea is safe, since the trader does not have access to funds to the investor’s accounts, because he trades his own funds and his actions copied from the investor.

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