Introducing VIABET ICO: Cloud-Based Gambling Where you Can “Become The Casino”

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VIABET is unlike any other betting platform currently available. While there are numerous platforms at the moment, VIABET stands out with its ability to shift the way that online gambling is done. Those behind VIABET saw the transition begin as decentralized cryptocurrency casinos emerged and were followed by provably fair casinos with a 0 percent edge.

Viabet ICO

With VIABET, users can play online casino games or create their own. This allows users to make a profit in one of two ways: by running their own game or in the traditional sense of gambling.

How Is VIABET Different from Other Gambling Platforms?

The biggest difference between VIABET and other gambling platforms is the ability to create and host a casino game. This has never been done before, giving VIABET a way to stand out from the crowd. This fresh approach basically allows players to choose their own rules and games within the VIABET online casino. This is similar to traditional betting websites such as BetFair which was one of the first Gambling sites which allowed regular people to offer odds on sporting events and essentially “become the bookie”.

Additionally, VIABET is transparent and features incentives, giving it the potential to completely change the industry of online gambling. VIABET uses the blockchain to ensure fairness in all gambling. The blockchain also improves resistance against fraud while preventing manipulation. It also provides verifiability since transactions are transparent.

How Does Cloud Betting Work?

In a simplified example of cloud betting, User A would make an account, join as the house, then create a custom game with their own parameters and odds within the VIABET platform. Once User A stakes enough VIA tokens, they become the casino, getting the house edge. Other players, like User B, can then join User A’s custom games. If User B wins the game, User A (who plays as the house), will be debited the amount of the loss while User B is credited it. If User B loses, the opposite occurs, with User B having the debit and User A receiving the credit.

How Do You Make Money with Your Own Casino Games?

It should be fairly straightforward to understand how users make money via gambling; that has been going on for centuries. For those who want to create and launch their casino games, there are two main options.

You can opt for VIABET to fund the bankroll and take advantage of its marketing presence as a way to promote your game. In this scenario, you would receive a percentage of the game’s profits. The alternative is to bankroll the game with your own funds. In this scenario, you get the majority of the money and pay VIABET a small percentage as a commission for advertising, promotion, and hosting. This can even give those behind the games another source of passive income.

For those running cash games, you can choose to either get a 5 to 20 percent take of each pot with a limit of $5 to $10 or collect a fixed amount each half hour, $5 to $15 based on the stakes. In the case of tournaments, you can either receive a percentage of the amount for the buy-in or choose a tournament fee. An example is an 80/20 split, with 20 percent going to you.

The only fee VIABET takes is a commission that goes to maintaining, operating, and administering plays.

What Does the Double-Token System Do?

Another unique feature of VIABET is the Double-Token System, known as DTS. If you want to be able to create your own casino game, you have to buy and then stake VIA tokens, as well as play a minimum number of rounds of games. This way, you earn Edge Tokens. As these add up, you can qualify to be the casino instead of an average player. When you reach this ability, you get house odds. Edge tokens are utility tokens within the house. You can also use these for exchanges with other players in the cloud-based betting platform.


Those who hold VIA tokens can also participate in the quarterly VIA buyback program. Each quarter, VIABET offers to buy back as much 10 ten percent of each holder’s tokens.

ICO Details

The ICO presale for VIABET will begin on Nov. 14, with the public ICO crowdsale starting on Dec. 11. VIA is a cryptocurrency based on Ethereum technology. This cryptocurrency gives VIABET the ability to create an autonomous and fair cloud-based betting platform.

It has a locked supply and limited quantities, with no dilution. A total of 70 million VIA tokens will be generated. Seventy percent will go to participants in the ICO, with the other 30 percent staying with the owners.

Following the crowdsale, 40 percent of the raised funds will go to the VIABET house bankroll. A further 20 percent will go to marketing, 20 percent to development, 10 percent to operations, 9 percent to legal, and 1 percent to bounties.

ICO Details

What Games Are Available?

The list of games available on VIABET is constantly expanding. For the first quarter of 2018, the goal is to have sports betting, blackjack, roulette, and dice in place. Quarter two additions include peer-to-peer poker tournaments and live dealer games.

Poker Game

What Else Is Planned?

The official site will launch in Q1 of 2018, along with multi-cryptocurrency implementation. At first, VIABET will support Litecoin, Ethereum Classic, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Bitcoin Cash. The VIABET buyback program will also begin this quarter.


In Q2, the alpha release of the VIABET Cloud Betting platform will occur. In Q3, the beta launch will occur, along with extra cryptocurrencies, mobile apps, fiat gateway implementation, and an overall expansion. VIABET will also negotiate with other online casinos to integrate the VIA platform.


Although VIABET might seem similar to other existing platforms at a glance, it is truly innovative, adding an entirely new layer to the world of online gaming. The ability to gamble in the traditional sense or develop and launch your own casino game is unique, giving those with an appreciation of casino games multiple ways to get involved, have fun, and make money.

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