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Gaining Advertising Revenue with WBC Tokens

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The main element of advertising is telling the truth, and henceforth, advertisements should be simple, yet informative and innovative. Digital advertisements on social media platform are now a part of our life. The 21st century entirely functions on this social media platform, wherein a number of people from different strata interact with one another. This is the reasons why advertisers choose social networking as their main mode of communicating with the consumers.


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Thus, there are marketers, business owners, and advertisers who are searching for potential buyers who can purchase their product after seeing the ad. Well, this is indeed an excellent mode of marketing, but the peril is that business owners are transforming the social networking as a marketing platform rather than considering it to be a place for socialization.

Functioning of WebAd

To build an environment that only functions for the advertisers, business owners, and marketers, WebAd is all set to market the goods, services, and products using the blockchain technology to the target audience of the advertisers. WebAd uses the location for targeting business owners and customers who have proximity. It also reaches out to the target audience as sponsored advertisements which, WebAd believes will benefit the micro, small, and medium organizations in expanding their business.

A combination of mobile application and web application forms the core features for WebAd. This platform is believed to cater to business and personal needs. But an integral part of the WebAd platform is advertising because only through advertisement business owners can reach out to the audience. The model of WebAd follows a similar pattern like Facebook, but it will have cryptographic tokens as a means of payment for advertising.

Transactions on the WebAd platform

The WebAd platform will use only one tradable token Webercoin (WBC) token. This will enable a method for a reward mechanism which can equally distribute the ownership and align the incentives to all the parties. During the token sale, WBC token will be issued which will ensure that people participating in the platform have a vested interest in advertising. Thus, advertisers will be required to purchase WBC tokens via an exchange. WBC tokens for Ether may be accepted directly at a similar rate like the ones offered to the WBC token holders. One half of the WBC token will be used as an administrator fund required for operating the platform, while the other half will go in the WBC pool as an advertising revenue. Besides, 5% of the initial token supply will function as the inflation pool. After every year the inflation rate will be reduced to half until it reaches 0.652%. This halving will mark the correspondence to the increase in WBC pool from the advertisement buyers.


If a total of 100,000,000 WBC tokens are created, then 40% of it will be sent to the participants along with 8% for the private investors. Thus, 25% will be saved for future use whereas the other 20% will be allotted for distribution to the participants of the platform. The remaining 5% will be held by the advisors, network administrators, and teams. The total supply of WBC will cover up the token sale cost. BTC and ETH from token sale participants will be transferred to a specific account in the WebAd website after a specified block number. When the BTC and ETH reaches a maximum limit this will mark the end of the initial token sale. This will mean that the sale is cancelled and the BTC and ETH that were used to purchase WBC tokens will be refunded. The team members and advisors will have a 180 days lock-up period before redeeming their WBC tokens.


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