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We are presenting Oil Max Capital!

Now anyone can become an Oil Max Capital partner and purchase an investment storage package for different amounts of oil for two months and more
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2020 was an undoubted blow for the vast majority of industries. However, since the end of the year, we began to observe a gradual improvement in indicators for strategically important industries such as oil production and trading.

By the end of 2020, the mood in the oil market had changed from negative-expectant to positive-cautious, helped by news about vaccines, measures to support the economy, and hopes for a recovery in demand.

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The price of Brent crude oil rose to $54 per barrel amid the OPEC + countries’ agreements on oil production in February and March 2021, according to trading data on the Intercontinental Exchange. The last time the price of oil of this brand reached $54 per barrel was on February 26, 2020. According to trading data on the ICE exchange in London at 5:45 Moscow time, the price of a barrel of Brent oil rose to $ 54.03. Later, the price dropped and is trading above $53 a barrel. As of 21:32 Moscow time on January 5, it was $53.8.

Now we can observe a gradual rise in oil prices, strengthening its positions, which indicates that investors will receive stable profits over the next year. We can’t promise or expect a significant increment, however, we can see the positive and stable dynamics which is a lot more important in the long term perspective.

Oil Max Capital leaders have made a strategic step in 2020 – they bought a significant amount of oil and kept it until the price recovered. Now anyone can become an Oil Max Capital partner and purchase an investment storage package for different amounts of oil for two months and more.

  • In total, 24 different investment packages have been developed, which allows users to choose the most suitable for themselves both in price and in duration.
  • The first one is called a trial – the investment amount is only $10, the duration is 2 months and the total income is twice the investment.
  • More expensive packages with longer shelf life have been designed for more experienced investors.
  • All information regarding investment packages can be obtained on the company’s website

In a spirit of radical transparency, it was decided to create a profitability calculator, so that everyone could see and calculate the exact amount of return on their investment.

Moreover, the company has developed a special referral program to increase income and popularise the project among the community. Each Oil Max Capital partner becomes a referral and gets a referral link right after registration. There are three types of levels: silver, gold, and platinum. The level of the referral program is provided following the investment package.

To reduce commission fees, as well as to simplify the interaction between the client and the platform as much as possible, it was decided to choose cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. At the moment, transactions are available in bitcoin. However, one should take into account the fact that the cost of the cryptocurrency does not affect the profit of investors at all. Although in light of recent events and the maximum rise in the price of bitcoin up to $37 thousand, we would like to.

Up to date, all the twenty-four packages are available, for more information visit the company’s official resources.

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