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Introducing Webcoin: Connecting Digital Marketing, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

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Webcoin aims to “pioneer” the beginning of global marketing digitalization. Essentially, Webcoin links cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and digital marketing. It is an ERC20 utility token that is based on Ethereum and provides a unified currency for transactions on the platform.

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What Issues Does Webcoin Resolve?

The team behind Webcoin and created the platform to tackle several important issues. A large concern is the high cost of digital marketing services, which seems to increase annually. With cryptocurrency advertising banned on Google, Twitter, and Facebook, it becomes even more challenging to find affordable advertising., however, will introduce new digital advertising solutions for corporations, blockchain companies, ICOs, and startups. Best of all, it will do so in an affordable manner.


Additionally, there are issues with limited access to the expanding markets around the world, particularly the Asia-Pacific Region. Multinational companies want to appeal to markets in India, China, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Indonesia. However, they struggle to advertise on Asian social media networks. provides an alternative platform that works for markets and companies worldwide.

When it comes to influencers, there is a lack of transparency that prevents small businesses and freelancers from taking advantage of their services. Additionally, social media influencers themselves do not have the tools necessary to maximize their profits from the followers they do have, something that will resolve via Social Mining. Freelancers will also be able to take advantage of a greater amount of services they can provide, which expands their income.


Finally, the current method of mining consumes a lot of resources, particularly electricity. Webcoin cites a Guardian report from November 2017 showing that the estimated electricity consumption of the Bitcoin network is more than 19 European countries, and it consumes more than five times the energy Europe’s largest wind farm can produce. By contrast, Social Mining uses minimal resources and occurs naturally. There is no hardware needed, neither CPU nor GPU. Instead, Social Miners just visit social media links and websites.

What Is in the Ecosystem?

Within the ecosystem, you find three main components. The platform itself is the first of these, an interest-based peer-to-peer social media and web service exchange platform. This platform aims to significantly lower the costs of running a website and engaging users in social media while increasing the return on investment for advertisers. Most notably, it includes Social Mining, which has the potential to change interactions between cryptocurrency and advertising.


The next portion of the ecosystem is the Group, with more than 1,000 groups and social media pages plus 54 ICO directory platforms. It uses the IBT token for buying advertising services, and this marketing services platform will be fully integrated into the platform in the future.

Finally, is a global freelance marketplace for those providing and seeking social media, design, programming, and blockchain services. The goal of Kaaso is scaling the freelance economy and letting individuals work on the projects that interest them regardless of their geographic location. At the same time, it aims to connect blockchain businesses, startups, and tech companies with a simple way of finding freelancers to complete tasks. In the long term, this will also be integrated with the platform.

What Should You Know about the Webcoin Token?

At the time of writing, the Webcoin token will be listed on exchanges in 118 days, giving you plenty of time to still invest in it before it becomes listed. There is a minimum pledge of 0.1 ETH, and 1 ETH is the equivalent of 2,200 WEB. There is a limited total supply of 70 million WEB. So far, the project has raised $400,000 from more than 100 investors. Webcoin will have high token liquidity and be easy to exchange via listings on multiple major platforms. Users can instantly purchase WEB via smart contracts with their personal wallets. The team behind Webcoin sees it as more than just a pure utility token since it will also impact the commercial market for high-end digital advertising.

Webcoin Token

During the crowdsale, there are 25 million WEB tokens available. As of the time of writing, 24,186,852 WEB remain. The soft cap is set to 600 ETH with a hard cap of 17,376 ETH.

The funds raised will include a 35 percent allocation to development and 25 percent to marketing. The team will receive 15 percent, while mining and functional costs each receive 10 percent. The remaining 5 percent goes to legal use.

What Are Some Advantages of Webcoin?

There are numerous benefits to Webcoin, including the Social Mining aspect previously mentioned. With this feature, it is incredibly easy to earn coins while using the platform. Doing such things as commenting on, sharing, and liking advertiser content will lead to monetary rewards, encouraging further interactions and user engagement for a fun user experience.

Advertisers will also benefit from Webcoin since they will be able to find social network and web advertising. Webcoin will offer competitive market positioning and ICO pricing, giving advertisers an advantage of savings along with improved exposure, which leads to a greater return on investment.


Even traders will be able to benefit from Webcoin since this cryptocurrency will appear on major exchanges. In this way, miners can cash out earnings easily and advertisers have a simple method of acquiring Webcoin to use for purchasing services on the platform.

What Exchanges Will Have Webcoin?

Following the completion of the crowdsale, Webcoin will be listed on numerous exchanges. Confirmed exchanges include BitPaction, WANDX, Crex24, CoinBene, CFinex, OpenLedger, and IDEX. Webcoin is also actively negotiating with several dozen other exchanges to have the token listed.

What Is the Potential for Webcoin?

As Webcoin aims to revolutionize the advertising and cryptocurrency industries, the team sees a very high project potential of over $1 trillion, the valuation of these industries.


Webcoin has a great deal of potential and is part of a semi-established ecosystem, something that can give it a head start. That said, the project is still under development and ICO funds will contribute to continued advances. Once complete, however, Webcoin does indeed have the potential to provide advantages for everyone involved, from advertisers to businesses to freelancers to social media influencers.

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