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Welcome Bonus Up to $60 for New Users Offered by Just Launched Crypto Derivatives Trading Exchange DueDEX Now

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DueDEX, a new crypto derivatives trading exchange, is making heads turn in the world of cryptocurrency over the past several days, since the official launch of its Perpetual Swap contracts on August 5th, 2019. The platform not only offers a one-time sign-up bonus of $10 to all newly registered users, but also credits additional $50 when the users make a deposit worth 0.2 BTC or more.


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DueDEX will enable users to trade with BTCUSD Perpetual Swap contracts with up to 100x leverage. Unlike some of its heavyweight competitors and the leading crypto futures trading exchanges, the new crypto derivatives trading exchange is able to provide settlement in ways of linear, inverse and quanto simultaneously.

The name “DueDEX” is a combination of the words “Due”, “Derivatives” and “Exchange”. The word ‘Due’ represents anything this is appropriate, adequate, regular and lawful. Derivatives and exchange refer to the provision of services. By highlighting the word “Due”, the company has expressed the intent to truly bring fairness and transparency to the crypto derivatives exchange.

Registered in Belize, DueDEX, the crypto derivatives trading exchange is currently offering BTC Perpetual Swap contracts with up to 100x leverage. By executing a matching engine that can handle 100,000 TPS per contract, they have achieved high throughput and a low latency of less than 10 ms on computer networks, which is 10 times faster compared to the current industry norm.

To prevent crypto hacking and other security risks, the team stores 100% of customer crypto assets in cold wallet with multi-signature and utilizes a multi-layered human involved withdrawal process. Also, it is important to note that there is currently no KYC requirement. DueDEX is one of the few cryptocurrency exchanges with 24/7 multilingual, multichannel customer service.

DueDEX has created an attractive affiliate program with a two-tier commission structure. Affiliates in this program are entitled to both a 30% direct lifetime commission and a 10% sub-affiliate commission. All affiliates have access to detailed and verifiable affiliate transaction history and commission report, and are entitled to cash out their earning on the next day.

DueDEX founding team is made up of startup veterans, tech geniuses, crypto financial professionals, and trading talents from Citibank, Chase and other Fortune 500 companies. The company’s Co-founder, Bo Wang is a crypto serial entrepreneur and has served as Co-founder in Factom, one of the world’s leading blockchain technology companies.

While attending a recent industry event, Bo stated, “Given the recurrent overloads and downtimes of current crypto trading exchanges, there are numerous security risks and crypto price manipulation problems to deal with.  Getting into crypto trading can be quite daunting not only for those just starting out, but also for crypto trading veterans. DueDEX team is set out to address these challenges and empower people around the world through a truly fair, transparent, high-speed and user-friendly trading exchange.”

More about DueDEX can be found at


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