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7 Reasons Why You Should Pick a Mid-Tier Crypto Exchange for Token Listing

What's the best place to list your new coin or token? Top crypto exchanges are costly and the process can be time-consuming
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What’s the best place to list your new coin or token? Top crypto exchanges are costly and the process can be time-consuming. Smaller ones might have insufficient resources to ensure good exposure and trade volume.

Here’s why a solid mid-level exchange can be your optimal, cost-effective choice for listing.

The main reason behind this idea is fairly simple: top-tier crypto exchanges can be extremely hard to enter, whereas smaller exchanges are simply unable to provide the desired exposure and trade volume for your new coin. By contrast, mid-tier platforms have the craved-after balance between affordability and credibility, with a fair share of pleasant bonuses thrown in for good measure.

One of such platforms is P2PB2B, which has gathered an impressive audience of 800,000 registered users since early 2018, and is currently ranked among top 10 exchanges on CoinMarketCap. We’ll take it as a vivid example for our list of main reasons why it is crucial for your new coin to get listed on a mid-tier exchange.

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Reason 1: Even top service packages are affordable

 This is a major issue for startups — finding a well-balanced service package can be a daunting challenge. Mid-tier crypto exchanges are willing to attract promising projects to their pools of investors, which is why they make even top offers quite affordable.

P2PB2B has a flexible approach to formation of listing offers, with an analysis of competitors and most demanded requests of their clients. The result was a number of service packages, which include IEO launchpad, market making, generation of trade volume, and promotion through the social media channels of the exchange (which amount for 300,000 followers in total). All of these packages make P2PB2B a cost-effective entry point for new projects.

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Reason 2: Your coin gets listed quickly

When you deal with top exchanges, you will most likely face excessive bureaucracy or middlemen on your way. This is not the case with mid-tier exchanges. Every step of their listing procedures is streamlined enough to progress quickly.

However, it doesn’t mean they hurry to get everyone on board. On the contrary, these exchanges conduct due diligence and thoroughly study applicants to make sure no one gets involved in fraud or other malicious intent while on their platforms.

All this perfectly applies to our example. P2PB2B encourages potential clients to contact them via Telegram, which allows to provide prompt responses. Other procedures, such as KYC and tech compliance check, do not take more time than necessary. On average, the entire phase — from the very first contact till completion of listing — takes up to 2-3 weeks. Naturally, more technologically specific cases may require more time.

Reason 3: Your listed coin receives a boost of liquidity and trade volume

This boost is facilitated by the joined forces of your own marketing and the services from the listing package provided by the exchange. This is especially helpful considering that mid-tier exchanges have accumulated high trade volumes, which is generally an indicator of higher liquidity. However, keep in mind that after the listing procedure you will have to heat up public interest in your coin on an ongoing basis. This will prevent its liquidity from falling.

P2PB2B opens your token for trading in top currency pairs, including BTC, ETH, USDT, and such fiat currencies as USD and EUR. This delivers flexibility and convenience to traders and investors. Additionally, P2PB2B offers market making services, which have already proved useful for the majority of their projects.

Reason 4: Considerable exposure

Mid-tier exchanges amass large communities of users and social media followers — and they will not hesitate to help your coin become better-known. For instance, the community of P2PB2B comprises 300,000 followers in total on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, and a number of other social networks. The platform makes promotional announcements on all of them. Moreover, they can assist with getting your coin listed on such reputed resources as CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. It is no easy feat, and it provides your project with additional credibility.

Use promo code “P2PBlockonomi” to get $2000 off for token listing on P2PB2B.

Reason 5: These exchanges are attractive for traders and investors

…And good user interface is not the last reason why. An exchange won’t gather a large user community unless it provides them with convenience and high performance (for instance, P2PB2B supports up to 10,000 trades per second and 1M TCP connections).

Yet another important indicator is responsive customer support. In the case of P2PB2B, we’re talking about 24/7 multilingual support.

Reason 6: These exchanges deliver confidence

There are 3 major aspects of confidence to elaborate on. Let us briefly cover all of them.

  • Every mid-tier crypto exchange has gathered certain reputation that they’d never afford losing. Reputation is valued far more than money, especially in the active and vocal crypto community.
  • Legality of operations. Our example, P2PB2B, is a centralized exchange, which is officially registered in Estonia and is EU-licensed for trading.
  • Security of the platform. Even the most protected and reputed crypto exchanges can be attacked, so there is a need for preventive measures. P2PB2B is designed to be resistant to OWASP Top 10 Web vulnerabilities, stores over 95% of user assets in cold wallets, and uses two-factor authentication to increase security of user accounts.

List your coin or token on P2PB2B with a $2000 discount using promo code “P2PBlockonomi”.

Reason 7: You get a handful of varied bonuses

The trick is that mid-tier crypto exchanges want to distinguish themselves among the competition. Some of the bonuses and features they offer could play a role in making the final decision on where to get the coin listed. For instance, some startups have Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) in their cards as a means of early fundraising. This is where an exchange comes into play, serving as a reliable launchpad for IEO sessions — and P2PB2B is one of the exchanges that offer this opportunity in a nifty package with subsequent listing.


It is no secret that mid-tier crypto exchanges hunger for success stories and promising projects, wildly competing with each other. That’s why they continuously invent new bonuses and benefits for their clients, offering comprehensive listing services with market making to facilitate the healthy growth of coins. At the same time, they already have a solid foundation to base your project on. The rest depends on your particular ideas and on how much value you can extract from every particular offer.

Get a $2000 discount for listing on P2PB2B with promo code “P2PBlockonomi”.


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