Do you know the general monthly income in Myanmar? About 48% of households have a monthly income of less than 400USD. This is a level where you can only purchase the bare minimum necessities even at local prices, It is a household that corresponds to the poor.

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Approximately 75% of the poor people do not have bank accounts and they have not received satisfactory financial services. This is one of the factors that divides the rich and the poor very definitely.

However, the smartphone penetration rates on data on are relatively high for these layers. Hence, the virtual currency “World Peace Coin (WPC)” is expected to solve the problem.

WPC will realize a mechanism by which investors worldwide can finance poor people.

AI “TSUMUGI” exists as a mediation of loans.

Investors remit the loan amount to “TSUMUGI”.

“TSUMUGI” sends remitted loans to the poor.

Repayment is done by following the reverse.

In addition, as a mechanism for creating benefits for investors, we adopt the new mining method “Proof of Lending (PoL)”.

This PoL is a mining act of financing and you can receive the price.

Furthermore, by distributing the financed WPC on-site, the value of WPC itself is raised,

It leads to hike in prices.

The three pillars of “profit from the stable circulation of WPC”, “interest by loan” “and” mining fee by PoL” bring benefits to investors around the world.

By becoming able to receive loans for the poor who could not receive loans until now, it is possible to enter economic activities.

Myanmar is the target country at the beginning, but this is a road map that moves from all over the Southeast Asia to Central America and finally spreads to various parts of the world including South Africa region.

Eventually you will be able to offer new opportunities for many of the world’s less privileged people.

Your investment may lead to the first step towards world peace.

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