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World-Wide Accepting of the Crypto Might be Just Around the Corner

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As elusive as cryptocurrencies are to regular folks, its mainstream acceptance could be a real thing in the coming years

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts have been subjected to ridicule, doubts and plain accusations over promoting the new digital currency. The case which is being made against the digital-age currency has been getting quite a bit of traction and frankly has a point to it.

Citi Cash

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Is cryptocurrency useful for the regular public?

Or is it just plain hogwash? Well, as far as the current scenario goes, the acceptance of cryptocurrencies and even the rather popular BTC has been taking hits. This is because the currency, for the lack of a better word, is useless for regular folks. It isn’t as simple as paper currency and the transactions aren’t a headache.

However, there are certain areas, or more correctly, one cryptocurrency that is breaking the norms to make the world-wide acceptance of crypto a reality.

CitiCash, a Czech-based cryptocurrency has introduced a riveting concept through their coins and wallet system – which is inspired from regular internet banking systems. Focusing on serving everyday people and making it easy for anybody to enter the world of digital currency, CitiCash offers built-in functionality to convert CitiCash into whichever fiat currency is acceptedT by the vendor who is receiving payment.

In addition to that, CitiCash can also be linked to debit cards – which in fact makes the currency more integrated with paper currency and the regular markets, like groceries, retail or even your local pawn dealer.

The solution the company presents is simple – easier transactions, simpler user experience and an easier retail use for cryptocurrencies, making the currency highly inconvenient.

Moreover, CitiCash wallets will have peer-to-peer transaction functionality for non-retail transactions. That means that in addition to being a bank account for users, CitiCash could be used as a debit card, and a Venmo-type application all in one.

The solution offered by CitiCash ought to put some sprite to the crypto atmosphere and also let the regular public more inclined to digital transaction. Plus, the company could also set a precedent in the market to make crypto more useful in practical situations thus improving the overall standard and functionality of crypto markets and currencies all over the world.

To learn more about CitiCash, you can visit their website.


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