XDEFI Integrates with Osmosis, IBC Transfers, and Squid Router, Bringing 30 Blockchains and 10,000+ Assets into the Cosmos Ecosystem

The integration enables users to bridge any asset supported by XDEFI into the Cosmos ecosystem directly within the XDEFI wallet through the Squid Router.
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XDEFI, the leading multi-chain wallet extension offering a comprehensive suite of cryptocurrency asset management solutions, has announced its integration with:

  1. Osmosis
  2. IBC transfers
  3. Squid Router (powered by Axelar Network)

This represents a significant step towards improving the liquidity flow of the Cosmos ecosystem.

What Does This Mean for Users?

The integration enables users to bridge any asset supported by XDEFI into the Cosmos ecosystem directly within the XDEFI wallet through the Squid Router. Once bridged, users can effortlessly swap any Cosmos assets via Osmosis, and move these assets between different chains within the Cosmos ecosystem with IBC transfers, all directly from the comfort of your wallet.

To illustrate the new feature’s utility, consider this groundbreaking example: users can now move from native Bitcoin to any Cosmos token, like Kujira. The swaps are performed seamlessly within XDEFI Wallet, ensuring a smooth and permissionless process.

Cosmos Odyssey Campaign

In a parallel development, XDEFI has recently launched the Cosmos Odyssey campaign on Galxe, featuring a guaranteed prize pool of over $25,000 in tokens from XDEFI, Stargaze, Calc Finance, Kujira, Crescent, and more. The campaign encourages participants to complete small tasks on various Cosmos networks and platforms for a chance to win prizes. This initiative aligns with XDEFI’s broader goal of driving growth and liquidity for the Cosmos ecosystem, enhancing its visibility, and encouraging active user engagement across the network.

The integration with Osmosis and Squid Router is part of XDEFI’s mission to make DeFi more accessible and to offer a more inclusive and rewarding experience for its users. With the collapse of major centralized platforms like FTX and Celsius and mounting regulatory pressures, the demand for decentralized alternatives delivering a CEX-like user experience is on the rise. Witnessing over 30% growth year-to-date, XDEFI has established itself as the go-to, all-in-one wallet, delivering a true CEX experience and effectively mitigating the challenges often associated with self-custody and DeFi.

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