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You Don’t Want to Miss Promise Coin: Here’s Why

Promise token is a DeFi project that aims to correct the failure of previous DeFi projects. This is the uneven distribution of wealth among new and old DeFi investors.
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The last few months have been a jolly ride for many cryptocurrency investors around the world. This year saw Bitcoin repeatedly break its all-time high almost every week. Ethereum performed well, moving from below $1000 to a new all-time high of $2200.

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We also witnessed the birth of a new coin Safemoon. In less than 2 months of its launch, the coin went up by over 2,000,000%, turning teenagers and young adults into overnight millionaires.

Amid all the crypto boom lies another cryptocurrency set to even offer investors bigger gains than ever before. It’s called Promise Coin, and you’d be making a huge mistake if you don’t get in on this now.

Promise token is a community driven token preserved by the promise of the community to keep the coin at least 15days after purchase before they sell. This helps preserve the value of the coin and in the long run increase the price of the token.

The trust between the project developers and the amazing community makes Promise Token the first BEP-20 token based on trust. The trust-based system, coupled with other features and benefits, is the driving force behind the increasing the value of the coin.

The token currently has thousands of holders and will blow up and become the talk of the cryptocurrency community. But before we talk about the imminent explosion in value of promise token in the next few weeks, let’s talk about how this project works, how it aims to achieve this increment in value and the features and benefits of the promise token that makes it the new cryptocurrency goldmine for smart investors.

Why Promise Token?

Promise token is a DeFi project that aims to correct the failure of previous DeFi projects. This is the uneven distribution of wealth among new and old DeFi investors.

The Decentralized Finance sector of blockchain is a goldmine and especially for early investors, more experienced users simply take new DeFi enthusiasts with less experience for a ride: either by shilling worthless DeFi tokens or marketing tokens that are less valuable than the value placed on them. They leave the newbies with valueless tokens.

Promise token implemented the static reward system to replace the traditional farming method used by other DeFi projects. A 100% community support, automatic liquidity, and the loyalty feature achieves this static reward system.

The loyalty feature is the promise made by the community to hold the token for at least 15 days after purchase before selling it.

So, the Promise Token unlike other DeFi projects aims to create a smart contract which maintains the value of the token over time without yield farming but by holding the coin. That is why the coin has a community of people who have promised to keep to their words.

Apart from keeping the coins for weeks before deciding to sell, promise token self generating yield and liquidity protocol directly rewards token holders and increases token liquidity. Bottom line: it’s a win-win situation for all. The 4% transaction fee is used to finance this yield generation business whereby creating an ever-increasing worth.

Features of Promise Token

They developed Promise Token to outperform any DeFi token in existence. The coin has some amazing features that establish it as one of the top DeFi projects you can invest in 2021. Some features include:

  • The community promise: The promise token is the first coin built on the Binance smart chain that runs on promise of the community. The token maintains and increases in value based on the promise we bound every holder by. This promise is simple: hold your token for at least 15 days after purchase before you sell. You’re added to the hall of shame when you sell your tokens too quick, hold your coin for 15 days and more, and get your name and wallet address added to the hall of fame. This is one feature that has helped drive up the value of promise token and will continue to increase the value as long as the community keeps on keeping their promise.● 
  • Reflection: This feature is important to the increase in value of Promise Token. We built the smart contract to reward investors who hold the tokens for an allotted period or more. The longer you hold promise tokens, the higher your rewards. Since we get rewards from transaction fees on the network, the reward grows as the network and community grow. This means investors are even more involved in growing the network by being an active member of the project.
  • Fee distribution: The protocol requires a 4% transaction fee for any buy or sell order for the Promise Token. 50% of the fees will be burnt while 50% are sent to the smart contract’s liquidity pool.
  • Token Burning: About 50% of the tokens were burnt on launch day. Burning of tokens leads to a permanent shortage of that coin and helps the rest of the coins increase in value. We focused on increasing the value of the Promise Token by whatever means and token burning is one effective method to use.
  • Liquidity Pool: To avoid a rug pull, we invested in liquidity before the launch of the project.
  • Liquidity Locking: Regular token burns lead to a permanent lock in liquidity. This helps prevent loss of value and protect investors’ funds.

Benefits Of Promise Token

Every holder of Promise Token enjoys a 3 pronged advantage. As a loyal investor, these are the benefits that await you.

  • Lottery Pool: Just like the traditional lottery and raffle draws, the Promise Token lottery pool awards buyers who have held their tokens for over 15 days. The higher you hold your token, the greater your chance of winning.
  • Charity Votes: Promise token isn’t all about amassing all the wealth the world can provide. Sometimes it’s about making an impact on society. We have set aside funds for charity as a way of giving back and helping the less privileged in the society. That’s social consciousness mixed with amazing tech and excellent business strategy.
  • Loyal members of the community decide burning Votes: The decision on when and how many tokens burned. We give Token holders the voting privilege to decide on the procedure for burning the token.


Promise Token is one coin you don’t want to miss out on. This is a coin that has the potential to grow and swell your investment portfolio. We have developed one of the best DeFi coins and added features that ensures a continual increment in value. We have one of the most amazing communities and an experienced team. With Promise Token, the sky’s the limit.

Get in now. This is not financial advice.

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