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ZelaaPay: Staking to Build Fortune

ZelaaPay - a staking platform from the Zelaa Ecosystem based out of England
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Cryptocurrency is a phenomena that just cannot be ignored or avoided – you may like it or you may not but is an already established realm which is here to stay for long and disrupt the financial inclusion and the global economy.

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With over 6660 cryptocurrencies and millions of bitcoin addresses – the blockchain industry has nascently scaled and built products rapidly to evolve and indulge consumers into this complexity by wealth baits.

One such iconic terminology that popped most recently was of Staking & Arbitraging – which in simple words is growing your wealth daily by just holding it in a particular service provider’s hot wallet and having access to it in a fully decentralised protocol.

The rise of this was boosted by ZelaaPay – a staking platform from the Zelaa Ecosystem based out of England which promised and stood up to it’s promisee of delivering a 2.5% daily added wealth to customers and clients on their platform.

ZelaaPay works as a utility token which is distributing its $ZPAY token along with the purchase of several packages offered by them which guarantees a 1.5% to 2.5% daily bonus on the invested amount – securing the investors capital as well as distributing its token to the globe.

Have grown rapidly in the past quarter, ZelaaPay now stands at 3,000+ accounts from all parts of the world – Poland, Thailand, China. Malaysia Singapore. United Kingdom, Europe, Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and many more diverse communities from across these countries being a part of ZelaaPay.

“We ideally planned to have a platform that would deliver daily, there were several others when we started but most of them were just exit Ponzi which were making money through MLM models and halted withdrawals due to false technical reasonings. That is when we thought of spreading our arm and launching ZelaaPay – a decentralized staking platform which would pay daily to its clients – therefore reinstalling trust and business ethics to this ecosystem.”-

Says Sahil Arora – the 21 year old founder of the global Zelaa franchise.

ZelaaPay has seen a decent volume of up to $300,000 in daily payouts on an average and a turnover of approximately $7.2m in just a quarter and still growing strong everyday.

Members can join in to the ZelaaPay staking platform by simply visiting

You can also join their Telegram group –


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