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Introducing the Zero Edge ICO: Cryptocurrency for Online Gambling

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Zero Edge Casino aims to revolutionize the world of online gambling. This unique platform is based on the blockchain and has 0 percent edge casino games, along with a sports betting exchange that doesn’t charge a commission. It also features an open-source platform so anyone who wants to run an online casino can build and operate a customized game.

According to the whitepaper, the model for Zero Edge Casino is based on the factual Bitcoin price growth and Metcalfe’s law. That law says that a larger network of users leads to a greater network value. Those who hold Zerocoin will be able to play games in the casino without a house edge. This means that they actually have equal odds of beating the house. Additionally, they will notice an increase in their Zerocoin value due to increased demand and token adoption.

What Problem Does Zero Edge Casino Aim to Solve?

The major issue that Zero Edge Casino hopes to resolve is the fact that today’s online gambling industry is driven just by profits, with only marginal thought spared for the consequences of various practices. The team cites the statistic that every year, players lose $40 billion USD because of the high house edge in online gambling. Not only do casinos have a significant house edge, but many players do not even realize it. Because of the house edge, the more people gamble, the more money they lose over time. While they might get a lucky win in the short term, this gets canceled out if they keep playing.

How Does Zero Edge Casino Resolve the Issue of House Edge?

Zero Edge Casino directly challenges the idea that an online casino needs a house edge. Instead, the team makes it “free” to play games; players can participate in 0 percent games even as the price of Zerocoin rises. Players don’t need to pay a fixed amount to use the casino.

House Edge

This business model would not work well in a physical casino. However, Zero Edge Casino created a closed-loop economy where it functions perfectly. The closed-loop economy has its own token that is bought with crypto or fiat currencies. Because ZERO has a limited supply, the value is linked proportionally to the demand.

Thanks to the use of smart contracts and blockchain technology, the gambling environment is not only fair but also fully transparent. Players can participate in more ways and can trust the platform. Best of all, they actually have a chance to win.

What Does the Business Model Focus on?

The key to Zero Edge Casino’s successful business model should be that it is based on the value growth of the token instead of generating cash flow from games. Every single game on the Zero Edge Casino platform runs with ZERO, which also drives the platform’s economy. Following Metcalfe’s law, as more players use Zero Edge, there will be a growing demand and the value of the ZERO token will increase. The perfect example is Bitcoin, which has had a newsworthy increase in value.


In addition, the business model does take advantage of the handful of games, such as video poker and blackjack, where players must have a perfect strategy if they want that 0 percent house edge. Since most users will play imperfectly, the house will have a higher rate of winning those particular games, even if it is still a small percentage of winnings for the house.

What Advantages Does Zero Edge Have Over Other Online Casinos?

The 0 percent house edge is the most noticeable advantage, since the traditional online casino has an edge of between 1 and 15 percent. To further improve the user experience, Zero Edge Casino has no fee for money deposits or withdrawals, which occur without delay. It also has a random number fairness check, the ability to verify games on the blockchain, and guidance from Ethereum smart contracts. Traditional online casinos have none of those things, and they have delays and fees for withdrawals and deposits.

What Can You Do with Zero Edge Casino?

Many users will take advantage of the platform’s casino games. These include card games like baccarat, video poker, and blackjack. Other casino games include dice, roulette, and slots. There will also be a sports betting exchange for all major leagues without any commission. Finally, Zero Edge Casino offers poker, including a tournament series and rake-free games. Those who want to create and run their own games on the platform also will find the tools and infrastructure to do so.

What Can You Do with Zerocoin?

Everyone on the platform will use Zerocoin to play their favorite casino games or bet on sports with a 0 percent commission. Investors are welcome to hold onto their ZERO as a long-term investment if they prefer. They can also use it to participate in special events and build then operate their own game.

What Does the Roadmap Look Like?

The research and development team for Zero Edge was formed back in Q2 of 2017. In Q3, they had a $300,000 self-investment, got their gambling license, and began developing the platform. Now, during Q1 of 2018, the Zero Edge presale and public sale are about to take place. Also during this quarter, Zerocoin will be added to exchanges, and the mainnet release for blackjack and slots will occur. The pre-ICO will go from Feb. 15 to March 15. Then, the ICO will run from April 1 to July 1.

Token Sale

In Q2, the team will release the mainnet of the Sports Betting Exchange, plus roulette and other casino games. They will also release the Zero Edge wallet, conduct marketing in the European market, and work on integrating Bancor token and token liquidity. Q3 will see a mobile app for both Android and iOS, plus the rake-less poker room. The Zero Edge community will expand worldwide, and the team will work on branding and marketing with celebrities. During Q4, it will expand to Asia and the United States, scale operations and marketing worldwide, partner with existing online gambling operators, and be decentralized.


Those who enjoy online casinos will want to consider participating in Zero Edge Casino thanks to the increased chances of winning due to the 0 percent house edge. Once it is fully launched, the games should appeal to a range of users. Hopefully, this will improve demand for the token and support the business model.

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