Blockchain Robotics Engineering Consortium Collaborates With Enjin For Makerverse Project

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The Blockchain Robotics Engineering Consortium (BREC,) a space using blockchain to “bridge the economic incentive gap between robotics engineering within major industry verticals and the open source robotics and software engineering community,” has revealed today that they will be utilizing Enjin’s blockchain for their upcoming work, Makerverse.

According to the Consortium’s website, Makerverse is an “online robotic engineering simulation” built on Unity 3D technology. It’s taking advantage of Enjin’s ERC-1155 token standard, which will enable users to work together on the platform. Together, users can import designs, build with each other, and buy or sell machines within Makerverse’s workshop, engineering marketplace, and its war game. “Thus we open up the world of automated robotics to a whole new audience and give any new robotic engineering concept an initial, frictionless, risk-free route to market and user testing,” reads the brief.

BREC Enjin

Increasing Potential

What’s exciting here is the ability for users to monetize their work, while using blockchain’s immutability to protect their intellectual properties, reports Cryptonewmedia.

Anyone buying from the marketplace can build that downloaded design straight into their own. Then, there is a multiplayer experience “similar to Star Citizen” where players’ robots can interact with one another. All of these assets will be storable within the Enjin Wallet application.

Ethereum ERC-1155 Token

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Enjin’s blockchain features an incredibly powerful level of encryption. Thanks to the ERC-1155 token capabilities, companies can create their own economies full of unique assets. They can then do whatever they would like with these tokens. These applications are ideal for game makers with tons of in-game assets. BREC is giving that power to its platform users.

The goal here is to introduce automated robotics to a new group of people. Incentivization and the ability to monetize creations are critical factors in this. Additionally, the decentralized approach to this market enables “wider access to a global marketplace and community of supporters, investors, and customers outside of the Silicon Valley ‘closed-shop.’

Makerverse Founder Patrick Mockridge commented on the collaboration:

“The automated robotics revolution has the potential to change our lives and society in infinite positive ways, but for many, robots can be threatening. Our goal is to encourage fearless utilization of robots, enable informed conversations and decision-making regarding the technology, and lower the barrier to entry for creators. Enjin is really well-suited for this task, and we’re excited to work with them to create a modern-day decentralized IKEA of open-source engineering IP.”

An Evolving Landscape

Mockridge wants to change the way engineering solutions are distributed throughout the world. He’ll be using Makerverse to bring these ideas to big business, the military, open-source robotics, software engineers, and more. Everyone with access to a blockchain will be able to benefit from the platform.

Assistant Professor of Economics at ISTEC in Paris, Loic Sauce, is excited about the potential here. “The most interesting aspect of the project is how Makerverse can assist in lowering the barriers to entry for engineering knowledge creation, which is a key fundamental driver of economic growth,” she claims.

“I know better than anyone how challenging it can be creating new commercial robotics ventures,” states John Sokol, a world-famous AI and robotics leader. He continues:

“Even living in Silicon Valley with over 30 years of knowledge and experience, I am still limited by the few venture capital firms and viable commercial routes, which have not changed significantly since the 1980s. A concept like Makerverse would not only help me to unleash my dreams, but also level the playing field globally, creating a digital robotics education and incubation space for experts, non-experts, adults, and children alike—and giving them the power to learn and go out and create great products that solve real problems in their lives, communities, and industries.”


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