Token Tycoon: Online Multi-Player Strategy Game Built on Ethereum Blockchain

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Token Tycoon markets itself as the very first blockchain tycoon simulation game. It works in a similar manner to other popular tycoon games, but it is based on the Ethereum blockchain. The goal of the game is to expand your wealth and become the richest tycoon.

Token Tycoon

With Token Tycoon, the market capitalization of a user is based on such things as personnel management, business management strategy, choosing the location of particular buildings, cooperating with others, daily business decisions, and more. Users earn more when their market value is higher. They earn Cash, which is an ERC-20 token. You can then use this Cash to launch a new business, upgrade your current business, or upgrade talent. Some key components include Managers, Talents, Buildings, Shops, the Bank, and the Tycoon Market. You can even invest Cash in the game.

Where You Can Play Token Tycoon?

Token Tycoon will be available as a mobile application for tablets and smartphones. You will be able to find it in both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. You can also play Token Tycoon on your computer if you prefer.


What Is TTC?

TTC is the Token Tycoon Coin, which is an ERC-20 token that is built on the Ethereum network. This token is used in the game and provides token holders with specific perks. While most cryptocurrencies have vast supplies, the total supply of TTC is just 850 TTC.

How Can You Use TTC and Other Cryptocurrencies in the Game?

Tokens can be used within Token Tycoon to buy items. There will be the choice to buy items using a range of cryptocurrencies, and the price of 1 TTC is always equal to 1 ETH. This means that if an item costs 0.1 ETH, you could alternatively buy it for 0.1 TTC. It is also possible to sell TTC to other users in the game.

MOBOX Wallet

Token Tycoon has its own wallet inside the game that lets users easily store the cryptocurrencies they plan to use during play. For added convenience, the wallet developed by MOBOX will support multiple currencies. As such, it supports TTC, ETH, and others.

Managers and Wonders

Managers and Wonders are unique assets in Token Tycoon, giving the owners of these assets bonuses that you can stack. Having more of the Managers and Wonders will improve the growth speed of your business. There is only a limited amount of each Wonder and Manager. If you buy them during a flash sale, you get 35 percent off. Once the game is live, you have the option to keep your Managers and Wonders or sell them to others in the marketplace for a price of your choosing.

Flash Sale

Albert costs 0.99 ETH or 0.99 TTC and gives you a +5 sales bonus. There are 50 total available of this Manager. The other Manager is Emily, with 30 available, each at 1.49 ETH or TTC. She gives a bonus of +18 for customers. Finally, there are 30 Pisa Towers, each at 0.9 TTC or ETH. These have an effect area of 4×4 and give a +30 customer boost.

Tycoon Wheel

You can find the Tycoon Wheel on the Token Tycoon website. Spinning the wheel gives you a chance to get Wonders and Managers or another price. A spin costs 0.039 TTC or ETH, and five spins cost 0.1755 TTC or ETH. There are four managers and two wonders you can win by spinning the wheel. Two of the managers have 75 units available and are worth 0.99 ETH, while the other two only have 50 units available and are valued at 1.49 ETH. One Wonder is valued at 0.9 ETH, and there are 60 of them, while the other has a value of 1.99 ETH and there are 30 of them.


Ether Online Exchange

Token Tycoon works closely with Ether Online, so for a limited amount of time, those who have Pets on Ether Online can exchange Pets for a Token Tycoon Manager, with the managers having an increase of 50 percent value in comparison to the pets. Otherwise, you can buy the Managers with ETH or TTC.

Ether Online

Options in this section include one of the 80 Timmy Managers (worth 0.99 TTC, +12 customer boost) or Miranda Managers (0.99 TTC, +12 building plots). Other options include one of the 60 Amy Managers (worth 1.49 TTC, +750,000 cash flow limit) or Mathilda Managers (worth 1.49 TTC, +7.5% cash flow limit). There are also 60 Burj-al-Arabs available, costing 0.5 TTC with 3×3 effect area and +30 customer boost.

TTC Presale

Those who choose to participate in the TTC presale will get a permanent membership for Token Tycoon. This membership comes with a 10 percent discount on all game purchases. Additionally, the Token Tycoon membership includes an invitation to join the Alpha Test for early access to the game. During the presale, there is a minimum contribution of 1 ETH. Following the game going live, those who take part in the presale have the option of converting their TTC back to ETH within a week.

TTC Presale Key Points:

  • Token Tycoon Coin (TTC) is an ERC20 Token#
  • Total supply of TTC will be fixed at 850 TTC tokens
  • TTC in the game instead of other cryptocurrencies such as ETH.
  • TTC is set at a fixed ratio of 1 TTC : 1 ETH (an item that is selling for 0.1 ETH can also be purchased using 0.1 TTC)

How Can You Get TTC

There are several ways to get Token Tycoon coins, including participating in the presale. There is a discount during the presale. A contribution of 1 ETH will get you 1.1 TTC, 3 ETH gets 3.6 TTC, 5 ETH gets 6.5 TTC, 10 ETH gets 15 TTC, and 20 ETH gets 34 TTC. There is also a TTC contest, where the winner will get 3 TTC, second place will receive 2 TTC, third place will receive 1 TTC, and fourth through 10th places will receive 0.5 TTC. You can enter by visiting Token Tycoon on Facebook, following or retweeting EtherOnline, tweeting, joining the community chat, or visiting the Token Tycoon website from the contest page.


Token Tycoon is the very first tycoon game to operate on the blockchain, and it should provide a great deal of entertainment for those interested. The game will be available for PC, iOS, and Android, letting users play on a range of devices. In the game, users grow their community and business, working to accumulate wealth.

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