WAX Block Explorer Blazes Trail for Widespread Blockchain Use

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The most successful blockchain companies will be the ones who develop products and services that can be easily used by the general consumer audience – and that’s what WAX has been building over the past year. With the introduction of the WAX Explorer in late 2018, they are pioneering what interfacing with blockchain tech looks like for the average consumer rather than the crypto elite.

WAX Explorer

One of the biggest problems for blockchain mass adoption is how regular people will interact with blockchains. WAX has been an innovator in connecting anyone who wants to trade unique digital items, and now their WAX Block Explorer takes market openness to a whole new level.

WAX, or Worldwide Asset eXchange, was created by the same team that developed OPSkins Marketplace – the global leader in digital trading. The idea is simple; let anyone who has valuable digital assets trade them in a safe, transparent marketplace. With a market worth more than $200 billion, it’s clear there is a massive potential for the WAX platform to thrive and facilitate trade in this community.

WAX Explorer

The next step for WAX is the introduction of a slick interface that allows just about anyone to see what is happening on the beta WAX Blockchain, called the WAX Explorer. This block explorer is unlike any you’ve seen before, featuring a user-friendly design, a visual representation of every single item traded including sneakers and apparel, WAX Stickers and WAX Digital Art, and multiple 3D viewing and interactive features.

The WAX Explorer Makes Blockchain Easy

While there are some pretty slick interfaces for crypto wallets and exchanges, If you want to look at what is actually happening on a blockchain, your options are limited. Technical knowledge is needed which makes it incredibly difficult to comprehend to the average consumer. WAX, however, is challenging this norm with their explorer.

Unique tokens or Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) like the ERC-721, which is how CryptoKitties can exist, aren’t like a bitcoin or regular token. NFTs have distinct and highly visual properties which directly correlate to the item’s price. For example, in-game items, character skins, Crypto Collectibles and high-end clothing are just a few types of goods that rely on highly visual representation to show they are one-of-a-kind. If they were shown as a string of numbers and letters – common on other block explorers – their individuality and inherent worth would be lost.

According to WAX,

“Designing the WAX Explorer in the same way that block explorers were designed for commodity-style token trading would be like Amazon having just SKU numbers and weight information for its products instead of photos and videos showing shoppers what the product looks like.”

The Road to Mass Adoption

WAX isn’t shy about expressing its expected role in mass adoption of blockchain tech. The success of a decentralized platform relies upon its ability to catch on among the masses. At this point in the game, easy-to-use interfaces and consumer education are crucial to converting the regular person into a blockchain user. Only through reaching new audiences will blockchain be able to see significant growth, rather than just preaching to its own choir.

Simply put, consumers shouldn’t have to actively think about the underlying technology of a product they’re interacting with every time they use it. As WAX notes,

“The same way we don’t have to actively think about using the internet when asking Google Home to turn up the volume on Pandora.”

If the blockchain community wants to see widespread adoption, they should take note from WAX.


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