Satis Group Report: 2028 Bitcoin Price $140k, XMR $40k, XRP Down 99%

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A new and shocking report has been released through the Bloomberg Research platform, and it’s all about where crypto prices will be 10 years from now. According to the report, bitcoin will continue to dominate the market and will see steady price increases exceeding six figures. Not only that, but the report speculates that privacy currencies, specifically Monero, will see even bigger gains. The report also suggests that popular alternative currencies like Ripple’s XRP and Bitcoin Cash will see huge drops and essentially disappear by the year 2028.

Satis Group Report

The Satis Group Report

In a report titled Crypto Asset Market Coverage Initiation: Valuation that was released at the end of August, the research group known as Satis Group has made a number of predictions for where crypto will be between now and the year 2028.

The report itself, which weighs in at a concise 19-pages, explains the methodology by which they came by their predictions. The majority of crypto projects were reviewed using a bottom-up valuation methodology.

Let’s take a look and see some of the categories of cryptocurrencies and what this report is predicting.


This section of the report focuses on cryptocurrencies that are used exclusively as a currency (in other words, assets that are utility tokens or can be used to pay for computing power or Gas such as Ether do not count into section). According to this section, the big winner will be Monero, which the report predicts will reach a startling $39,584 each. That would give it a thunderously high 38,391% increase in value from today.

The biggest winner in terms of overall price is of course bitcoin, which the report predicts will maintain an 80% market share of currency-type crypto assets. They predict it will reach $143,900 by 2028. Other big winners in this category include Zcash and Dash which will also see over 1000% gains in price.

The biggest losers in this category will be Ripple’s XRP with a 99% loss, Bitcoin Cash with a 68% loss, Bitcoin Gold with a 92% loss, and Vertcoin with an 88% loss.

Crypto Platforms

This category covers cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, NEO, Ethereum Classic, and so on. These are cryptocurrencies that are designed to run other systems on top of them, and support tokens.

The report is highly pessimistic on this category, with Ether ending up at a mere $588 by 2028, Waves seeing the highest percentage increase to seven dollars each, and nearly all others seeing huge losses. Ethereum Classic and Cardano will purportedly be the biggest losers with between 98% and 99% in value gone.

It’s also interesting to note that the report suggests that Ethereum will hit a high of $882 next year, but will continuously drop from there on out.

Privacy Coins

According to the report, the big cryptocurrency winners outside of bitcoin will undoubtedly be those focused on privacy.

To that end, the big winner is of course the previously mentioned Monero. Zcash and Dash will come in as big winners as well, with Zcash seeing a 6000% increase to the $9500 range, and Dash seeing a 1500% increase to just under $3000 each.

The other two privacy coins listed in the report, Verge and PIVX, will see gains as well, though the report suggests they will be nowhere near as massive as Monero. Specifically, PIVX will see a 500% increase to $7.50 each (which is below its all-time high of around $12 each) and Verge will see a 148% increase.

Storage, Computing, Gambling, and Video Games

The next four categories only list two cryptocurrencies each. In each one, the results are similar. That being, they will all lose significant value, with the biggest loser predicted to be Golem at -100%.

It seems that this report is not particularly bullish on these highly specialized use cases for cryptocurrency.

Crypto Lending

One potential big winner is companies that focus on cryptocurrency lending. While the report only lists two tokens, Salt and LEND, the report predicts that both will see between 7000% and 8000% gains by 2028.

What’s also interesting is the report suggests that these two tokens will only represent 6% of the total market, and the remaining 94% belong to other companies that are getting started in this industry today or in the near future.

Prediction Markets and Interoperability

The final two industries could see total losses all going to -100%. These include companies or projects like Augur and Gnosis just to name a few. Clearly this report believes that these industries will be a total wash and that investors should get out immediately.

To make things worse, the report predicts that this will happen as soon as next year, with it suggested all tokens in both categories losing all the value by 2019.

Final Thoughts

First and foremost, it’s important to remember that this is merely a set of predictions, and is by no means guaranteed. However, it’s also true that a lot of time and research was put into this report by some of the top minds in the industry at large.

We highly suggest that you take a look at the report in its entirety and see for yourself whether or not the conclusions drawn by the Satis Group makes sense.

If you are inclined to believe everything this report says, then the numbers suggest that Monero could be the big winner of the next decade. Whatever your response to this report may be, remember to make your own conclusions and not just follow blindly market predictions like this.


Robert is News Editor at Blockonomi. A true believer in the freedom, privacy, and independence of the future digital economy, he has been involved in the cryptocurrency scene for years. Contact

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    A privacy coin is what was promised with Bitcoin and Monero will probably leap ahead of Bitcoin’s shortcomings.

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